The sisters of the rogue wave
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On April 16, 1977, a rogue wave struck GRAyLAND beach state park. 

five local nuns, who were visiting the washington coast, happened to be on the beach when the wave flooded the shoreline. two got swept to sea by ocean currents, while another was pinned underneath a massive drift log that washed ashore. 

With rapidly rising tides, the moments that followed would shape their lives and connect them in ways that would only be understood with the breadth of time.

this is their story of faith, recovery, healing, and sisterhood that originally aired on "sound effect" by knkx (88.5). 

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Two former immaculate conception school teachers and another nun from everett were among five nuns injured saturday in a freak accident on the
ocean beach in Grayland.
— Thursday, April 21, 1977, Everett Herald